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Honored to Work with a Winning Team

What an awesome privilege it is to work on a team with incredible, talented, godly, committed people! The people I get to work with truly are great, in every sense of the word. Over the past week, I have been reminded, humbled, and sincerely blessed over and over again at the spirit and heart of our team—particularly those I serve closely with. Here are just a few things I believe make them great:

A Winning Team Believes in the Cause—This team is not made up of hirelings! They have bypassed worldly ambition—as every one of them could have been highly successful in the world’s eyes. They have embraced the eternal cause of Christ, and they contribute their gifts, abilities, and personal strengths without reservation! It’s awesome to work with people who are so committed to one cause, that literally, none of us have a “plan B”!

A Winning Team Has a Positive Spirit—Today we met briefly about two major projects, among others that must happen in the next twelve days. When one might expect some reservation or negativity, this team didn’t talk about “if” it could happen. They just talked about the right solutions—with energy, excitement, and anticipation. It was awesome to see. I love the “we can make this happen” spirit of a winning team.

A Winning Team Rejoices in Collective Success—Teams accomplish more together, and that’s an amazing experience. When I look back over the past three months, I’m speechless at how our team has labored and served and invested themselves. The fruit is abundant and the results honor the Lord. It’s great when everybody on a team is interested in everybody else’s success.

A Winning Team Has No Individual Agendas—A personal agenda in a team environment is like a blinder—it drastically limits your perspective and your vision, so that you will accomplish far less, and alone! Dropping personal agenda is like being freed from yourself—it’s taking the blinders off and being a part of something far greater than just one miniscule person or perspective.

A Winning Team Sacrifices Together—It’s often at this time of year that our team comes to a collective realization that some longer work days, or nights, are ahead. Not only do they embrace the challenge, they almost anticipate it. Having “clock-watchers” on a team is like trudging through mud—they slow everybody else down. Because even when they are on the clock, they’re watching it so much that they accomplish very little. Having a non-clock-watching team is a refreshing experience. (And that doesn’t mean they live out of balance either.)

A Winning Team Appreciates Different Strengths and Personalities—No two members of our team are alike, which makes for some of the best discussions, ideas, and collaborative efforts. It’s amazing to watch God take so many different personalities, strengths, and gifts, and gel them together to produce spiritual and fruitful outcomes. These are often the things that pull teams apart—but that goes back to the point of “no individual agendas.”

A Winning Team Serves with Little Recognition—With a winning team, no one really cares much who gets the credit. It seems, almost constantly, that various people on our team are getting credit for the work of others on the team. (Sometimes that goes both ways—successes and failures.) But, it’s great to actually see people laugh at it and seem to secretly relish the fact that someone else got credit for something they did! That’s just a great spirit—and one that God will bless on any team!

A Winning Team Delights in the Details—This one is big! How often do people on teams get bored with repetitive details?Each member of a team often does the same things over and over… and over again. How many times does a secretary make a phone call or type a letter? How often does a designer lay out a page? How boring can filing music be after 500 weeks of it? On a winning team, everybody owns their details with fresh energy every day.

A Winning Team Celebrates Together and Gives God the Glory—For our team, this has something to do with sushi! It’s just good to end every day or to complete a large project knowing that you served with a spiritual team in the will of God for the glory of God. I thank the Lord for the excellent spirit and the tremendous heart of the people on our team. It’s humbling to be a part and to see God use them. I thank the Lord every day for allowing me to labor in the presence of such greatness!

“…who is a beloved brother, and a faithful minister and fellowservant in the Lord.” (Colossians 4:7)

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