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My Favorite Moment of WCBC Commencement 09

Praying with the “LBC Brats” that Graduated Today!


Today was a special commencement for West Coast Baptist College! For Dana and me it had a special significance as 20 graduates of the Lancaster Baptist Church youth group were graduating from Bible College. This was a special class! They have always had a fantastic, encouraging spirit and a desire to serve the Lord.

As we were congratulating everybody in the church lobby, one member of the group said, “Can we take a class photo?” After a few minutes, I found myself fighting back the tears as most of this class gathered together near the pulpit to share in a photo. After the photo, we grouped up and had a word of prayer. We gave God thanks and glory for His work in their lives and prayed for His mighty protection and blessing upon their ministries. It was a spiritually and emotionally overwhelming moment—one I will never forget. Standing there in that group was a representation of the essence of our whole lives—a big part of the reason we wake up every day and serve the Lord. God is good to let us experience these special times!

And to put it mildly—these graduates are my heroes!

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