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Book Review—A Glorious Church

A New Book about the Biblical and Historical Integrity of the New Testament Church


Evangelist Mike Gass has written a fantastic new book now available from Striving Together Publications. “A Glorious Church” is a study of the origin, identity, heritage, and integrity of the New Testament Church. It is a fantastic read filled with historical and biblical documentation on the authenticity and function of the local church.

This book is a must read for any one who loves the local church and desires to understand it more biblically and historically. We began working with Brother Gass on this project nearly two years ago, and the first time I read it through, it was challenging and moving beyond description. I often found myself just setting the book down, brushing back some tears, and thanking God for His work in my life through the local church.

These pages will make you more thankful to be a part of something so incredible as the local church of Jesus Christ. The book is over 300 pages, hardback, and is now available here.

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