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10 Marks of a Mature Dating Relationship

This post is originally found at posted by Paul Chappell—Pastor of the Lancaster Baptist Church and president of West Coast Baptist College. It’s a fantastic list of mature qualities found in a godly dating relationship—well worth teaching and developing for older teens or single adults. Since I’m always looking for teaching ideas like this, I thought those who haven’t seen it might benefit from it. Enjoy…


It is always exciting to see how God’s will for our college students unfolds in each of their lives. As a part of His plan, God allows most of our students to find a spouse while at Bible college. A month or so ago, as I was preaching in college chapel, I took some time to share with our young people the following marks of a mature dating relationship that honors God. I hope these thoughts will be a blessing to you.

The marks of a mature dating relationship are as follows:

1. Regular times of prayer and Bible reading as individuals first, and sharing Biblical truth as a couple.

2. Respect and honor for all parental standards and preferences, as well as college rules.

3. Relationship encourages strengthened academics.

4. Enjoy being with godly friends and those in authority not on a quest to be “alone”.

5. Relationship development does not impede work ethic bills are paid on time.

6. Preaching and teaching is gladly received.

7. Friends and acquaintances are strengthened spiritually because they know you.

8. Respect for each other would not allow for crass speechgodliness is not just a church word.

9. Use of technology is not obsessive when others are present the relationship is secure enough to allow work time without interruptions.

10. Realization that saying “I love you” is meaningless if the relationship is not mature in the nine principles listed above.

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  • What a great list! I’m still working with college students and this accurately describes every godly I know. Simultaneously, it lists problems in every couple that raises concern. This is wisdom!

  • Awesome….How true!


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