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Different By Design Book and Curriculum Now Available!

Rediscovering that a Godly Life is Still a Good Life!

This book/personal study and the accompanying curriculum is designed to help young adults develop not only a godly heart, but a godly lifestyle to match! It exposes the myth that God doesn’t care how we behave, He only cares about our heart. It calls Christians to embrace a pure heart that flows into a distinctive lifestyle.

This study has twelve chapters that each include ten practical points heavily supported by God’s Word. Each chapter studies a particular aspect of Christian living that pop-culture and pop-Christianity is quickly tossing aside. The lessons are written so they can be studied in in a group setting (Sunday school, Bible study, or Christian School Bible class) or worked through as a family. Each lesson has questions for personal study and also a homework for families section that is meant to involve parents in the instructing and discovery process.

Teacher’s Guide – 273 pages (paperback)
Student Guide – 158 pages (paperback)
Personal Study Book Version – soon to be released, 219 pages (paperback)

Click here for more information or to purchase Different By Design

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  • Bro. Schmidt, we recently started the “Different by Design” series and it has really changed my life. We are not even all the way through yet! Thank you so much for putting your time and energy into writing that.
    I want you to know, you did not write that in vain, at least on my part. There are life principles in that that I will always remember!
    Thank you so much!!

  • Mr. Schmidt, I am ecstatic to say that I came across your book, Different By Design Curriculum: Discovering That a Godly Life is Still a Good Life (Student Edition) while looking for inspirational books for my best man and groomsmen who will be in my wedding on May 8, 2010. My fiancée and I have been trying to minister and bring about a change in the lives of youngsters we meet. I will be graduating along with my fiancée on the same day as my wedding with a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies alongside hers in Spanish Education. This book has blown the both of us away. The main reason I am leaving you a comment is to hopefully find a way I can purchase 11 of these books by May 6, 2010. I have called my surrounding bookstores such as Barnes & Noble and Books A Million, but no luck. I recently found it on Amazon for $2.95 a piece which is a great price, but needless to say they only have one for sell. If you by any chance are able to assist me in getting a hold of 11 of these outstanding books for a reasonable price my fiancée’ and I will be so grateful. We Thank You for being their and sharing everything that you have shared to help save a dying world.

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