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Lancaster Baptist Student Ministries Open House

Lancaster Baptist Student Ministries Welcomes 800 Teens

This past week God gave us an incredible victory for the student ministries of Lancaster Baptist Church (Dr. Paul Chappell, Pastor). The last week of October, our students gathered on buses each afternoon and ventured out to a public high school campus where they courageously invited teens to visit for our special Open House Sunday. I was so grateful for the spirit of our teens as they worked all week invite both friends and strangers. Along with the efforts of our youth ministry staff and volunteers, God blessed and gave us a wonderful weekend.

Teen Crowdconductsvc2.jpg

In all, 800 teens came to our services Sunday morning, October 29th. Fifty-two teens visited for the first time. After Dr. John Goetsch preached, seventeen teenagers chose to trust Christ as their personal Saviour. To see more photos, continue reading.


The week provided a great opportunity for our students to serve God and to reach out to others. They worked hard, and I’m thankful that God so greatly blessed their labor for Christ. It sure is a great experience to serve God with so many committed students and leaders!

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