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Hook Line and Sinker Curriculum Now Available

Twenty one weeks of lessons for both teens and parents!

Based on the book “Hook Line and Sinker—How the Enemy is Dividing and Destroying the Christian Family.”

These twenty-one weeks of lessons are uniquely designed to benefit both teens and their parents by addressing Satan’s attacks on the family from both perspectives!
This series can be taught simultaneously in separate classes or in a combined study.

These lessons bring biblical principles and application to common spiritual breakdown in the home.

The student guide features outlines and study questions for both teens and parents. The teacher’s guide includes application points and teaching tips for both groups as well!

In this study families will discover…

  • How Satan attacks every family
  • The four ways teens are lured astray
  • How to put a fragmented family back together
  • The biblical purpose of authority
  • The causes and biblical cures for rebellion
  • The most powerful cultural influence on teens
  • How to establish biblical friendships
  • How to rescue your teenager from destruction
  • How to understand and grow close to parents
  • Dozens of other biblical princples
  • Click here to purchase this new curriculum.

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