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The March Spiritual Leadership Podcast

Don’t miss this month’s Spiritual Leadership Podcast from Pastor Paul Chappell. The topic is “Strengthening the Things that Remain”—a lesson taught this past year at the Spiritual Leadership Conference. This lesson will challenge you to have a spirit of encouragement, friendship, and edification toward other like-minded leaders. Don’t forget, you can always subscribe to receive the free companion outline if you visit and click on the Spiritual Leadership Podcast link. This podcast, and it’s previous editions are available on iTunes. Enjoy this month’s lesson!


We’re Coming to Memphis, TN

Just a reminder that Bryan Samms and I are privileged to be in Memphis, TN this Friday and Saturday, preaching to youth groups and encouraging youth leaders and parents! We sure hope you will join us there for the Higher Call Student Summit! This meeting is a two-day event hosted by Eastside Baptist Church of Memphis, TN in conjunction with West Coast Baptist College. The two days will feature Bible preaching and teaching for students, as well as practical training and encouragement for leaders and parents. These events are free for your youth groups, and take place on Friday evenings and…


Repost: 10 Ways to Renew Your Spirit

Ever get depleted? Ever reach the bottom of the barrel when it comes to spiritual energy or passion? Don’t overreact! It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing all the wrong things with your life. You’re faith is probably still alive and well. There’s no need to go AWOL.  Don’t start doubting every good decision or direction in your life. You probably just need to restore—to let God revive your spirit. God’s Word is filled with ways to find new strength and to renew your spirit. Here is a quick glimpse at ten of them:


The Most Powerful Parenting Practice

What wise parents do when they don’t know what to do. “Something’s going wrong in the heart of my child, and I’m not sure what to do!” Ever been there, parent? Have you ever seen the fruit of attitudes, behaviors, and decisions growing from the young branches of your child’s life, and been terrified by what’s producing that fruit—what sinful root might be fueling a destructive direction? What do you do in these situations?


If—A Powerful Poem by Rudyard Kipling

I must be literarily challenged! Every now and then I come across something that everybody else knows of, but somehow I missed. Does that ever happen to you? This may be one of those cases. Yesterday, while reading, I came across a powerful poem written by Rudyard Kipling in 1895. It’s simply called “IF”—I’m sure I’ve heard it, but had long forgotten about it, and I found it challenging and useful. I hope you will be encouraged by it and pass it along or use it in some way…

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