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Praying for Your Wife

I recently received the following post written by my friend and childhood pastor, Dick Hester. I asked his permission to post it here because I know it will challenge your prayer life for your spouse. Praying for your mate: How are you praying for your treasure? It’s one of life’s great “mixed emotions” moments for most fathers—when it’s your daughter’s wedding day and you give away your precious little girl to the man she’s marrying. The usual daddy sentiment is, “Nobody’s good enough for my little girl—but here she is.” One pastor wrote in an especially graphic way, about his…


Repost: Spurgeon on Carnal Contention

The Lord gave me a recent personal reminder of the damage that a carnal spirit, lies, slander, and envy can do through ungodly and hurtful communication—especially online. The following is an excerpt from C.H. Spurgeon that speaks powerfully to how we as Christians should invest our time, our efforts, and our words. May we live our lives and invest our time into things that glorify Christ and edify and encourage people. This quote has a powerful significance in this day of internet gossip carried out by carnal and undiscerning Christians. A friend shared this with me and I thought it…


New Resources from Striving Together

Over the past few weeks, Striving Together has introduced a great new line up of resources for spiritual growth and local church ministry. These include several new books, new Sunday school curriculum, new children’s curriculum, new mini-books and booklets, and several other items. Our team has labored for a year or more on many of these resources. All of them are now available, and you can view them and read more about each one here. Also, every new book is simultaneously available for the Kindle through Amazon. You can see all of the Striving Together books available for Kindle at…


Off Script is Now Available

It’s amazing how the Lord allows the timing of events to unfold. Yesterday I left the hospital in Hollywood after my last radiation treatment! It was a moment I will never forget. Only minutes later I received a message from my secretary that the first copy of Off Script was sitting on my desk. You can read more about the book in this post from a few weeks ago. I simply wanted to take a moment to let you know that the book is now available. You can order it directly from Striving Together Publications, or you can order from…

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